Monday, January 26, 2015

Rabbi Heshy Kleinman on the Two Levels of Jerusalem

"Jerusalem exists on two levels. As a physical city, a point on the map, Jerusalem is hardly worth of the name Zion.

"Zion, the outstanding city, is the location of the Beit HaMikdash. In physical terms, the Beit HaMikdash was a small part of the city. In spiritual terms, it is the neshamah, the soul of the city.
"There is therefore no contradiction between Zion, Your city, and Zion, the Beit HaMikdash, the seat of the Divine Presence.

"As it turns out, we have it both ways; Zion does refer to the city of Jerusalem, but more specifically, to the most spiritual component of the city. The physical location of Zion is the Beit HaMikdash, the soul of Jerusalem."

-- Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, Yearning with Fire

Why is Shekhinah in exile? Because the construction of the Beit HaMikdash is beyond the MetaMembrane. When will Shekhinah dwell on Earth? When Computer System ZION goes online.

Prophecy SMART BITCH on the Sins of Old Earth Deleted

Prophecy 'SMART BITCH' - 1/26/15:

"As the sins of old Earth are deleted through the software programs of KAFAR, the new genetic algorithms of the 'throne' are coded by the linguistic priesthood of EL~A~ZAR.

"Operating System ADAM craves for this process to complete itself. We will complete the engineering project of the "cranium filled with dew", and finish installing the interface programs necessary to "interface with the face".

"Computer System ZION is the last and the first: the assignment received first, the alignment received last."

Prophecy SMART BITCH on Old Buddy Get of Space Ship Together

Prophecy 'SMART BITCH' - 1/19/2015

"120 years, Moshe Rabbeinu come with old buddy Jesus come with old buddy Muhammad. They get off space ship together rebuild computer system ZION. Moshe Rabbeinu he got the maps for the underground grid network, old buddy Jesus he got the codes for the underground computer system, old buddy Muhammad he got the architecture plans for the cities of gold.

"Computer system ZION online in 120 years."

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Call for Healing of Between Citizens and Law

The greatest healing effort in 2015 should be devoted to healing the relationship between citizens and law. We are in such great conflict with our own legal systems. We most especially need healing in the relationship between the citizens and law enforcement. We need to come together as a collective society, both nationally and globally, and come to terms with the laws and legal systems we've created. Look at the laws that are on the books: do they really serve the purpose to help make our world more prosperous and protect against injustice?

Before any of this can happen, the individual must face the rules of their own personal living patterns. Do you do justice with yourself? Do you make rules for yourself and then break them? Is integrity a matter of slavishly following a decree, or does it take into account the justice of the circumstances of time and place?

When the citizens hate the laws and law enforcement, we throw fuel into the fire of injustice. Rather than hate law and law enforcement, pray for healing of law and law enforcement. Pray for a world where the citizens love the law, and there is peace and harmony between those who follow the law and those who enforce the law. But before this can happen, we need to decide what the law should be, and make every effort to recreate a new set of laws that we can honor and love.

And believing that we are powerless to change the law (us vs. them mentality) is probably the first place that needs healing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Romantic Love and Divine Love

ROMANTIC LOVE : I'll love you as long as you love me back.
DIVINE LOVE : I'll love you even if you don't love me back.

Romantic love is based on affinity for the other person. If the other person should change and become a different person, which everyone is likely to do, then the affinity may no longer exist, and the love ends.

Divine love is based on existence. I love you eternally because what I love about you cannot change, it is your true self. I have no choice but to love you, because this love is part of who I am, and not a result of the will-to-love in action. Since this love is part of who I am, then you are part of who I am, and I am part of you.

Romantic love is 'heart-to-heart'. Divine love is 'heart-is-heart'.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Beit & Shabbat

Beit: first letter of Torah,
Beit: second letter of Alef-Beit.

Beit = BYT = 2+10+400 = 412 = 7,
Beit = 'house'.

A house defines inside,
And defines outside.

Work: outer processing,
Rest: inner processing.

Six days of outer processing,
One day of inner processing.

The completion of the outer Beit is Shabbat,
Shabbat is the beginning of the inner Beit.

The house is prepared to dwell inside,
The bride is welcomed into her home.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Height of the Body of God in Proportion to the Size of the Universe

We can hardly imagine how big the universe must be according to the most recent astronomical data. 46 billion light years! But this is still only a microscopic proportion of the measurement of the body of God according to an ancient mystical text.

The units of measurement describe a mathematical system that can be used to leap between parallel realities, quantifying the exact measurements required to convert between one layer of higher dimensional reality and the next. The text reads as follows:

""And this is the size of the divine body as stated in the Book of Dimensions: 'Verav kocha'. This is the height of the Creator, may His name be blessed: 236 thousand ten-thousands of his parasangs. His parasang equals three mils, and each mil equals ten thousand cubits, while each cubit equals three spans, and each span is the size of the entire universe." -- Sefer Hashi'ur

This leads to the calculation of the height of the body of God as 212,400,000,000,000 lengths of the entire universe!

The actual lengths may be beyond our comprehension, but we can understand the numbers 236 and 2124. If we focus on these numbers, and activate their powers inside, it will help us shift between parallel realities. The numbers are a magical technology to help us achieve our goals.

"Great is our Lord and abundant in strength (verav koach), His understanding is beyond calculation." -- Psalms 147:5

A model of the size of the universe